Engaging Families & Reducing Absenteeism

Families want to be involved in their children’s education and see them succeed. By leveraging insights from behavioral science and taking an asset-based view of families, my research provides educators with tools to partner with families to increase student success. In particular, changing persistent misbeliefs about attendance can mobilize families to get their children to school more and reduce student absenteeism at scale. 

Relevant Work

Working paper. “Using Behavioral Insights to Improve Truancy Notifications” (with Jessica Lasky-Fink, Hedy Chang & Todd Rogers).

In Press. “The Demotivating Effect (and Unintended Message) of Awards” (with Jana Gallus, Monica G. Lee & Todd Rogers), Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

2018. “Reducing student absenteeism in the early grades by targeting parental beliefs” (with Monica Lee, Eric Dearing & Todd Rogers), American Educational Research Journal, 55(6), 1163-1192.

Public Writing & Press

CPRE Knowledge Hub Podcast. “When Attendance Awards Backfire.”

EducationNext. “How to Tackle Student Absenteeism.”